Meet Our Exective Team

Good management is the art of making problems so interesting and their solutions so constructive that everyone wants to get to work and deal with them.
— Paul Hawken

Nick Patel, CFO

 "The numbers guy"

Nick Patel is one of the founding members of G&G Hospitality.

As a first generation hotelier, he has over twenty-five years of experience in the financial operation of hotels and commercial real estate. He is responsible for managing G&G’s daily financial operations and monitoring investments. Hence, we call him the numbers guy. When away from work, Nick enjoys dedicating his time to the social and health services for children and the community. 


TEL: 1-866-631-9677 , ext 101





 "the operator"

When you have been in the hospitality industry since the age of twelve, you get to know it inside out. Manish is a walking encyclopedia of hospitality knowledge.

With over twenty years of operational experience. Manish is a meticulous hotelier with a reputation for setting new standards of excellence throughout the G&G operations. He leans on his management team, strong business acumen, and relentless work ethic to maintain an streamlined approach to day-to-day business operations.

Every decision Manish makes stems from a commitment and dedication to his family’s legacy and a corporate family that pushes for growth. Hence, we call him “The Operator” Aside from his passion for work, Manish loves the Miami Dolphins, coaching his children in various activities, watching cricket, and developing designs for hotel projects.  



TEL:  1-866-631-9677 , ext 102



 "Mr.Let's get it done"

Hiren Jetha is the guiding force on finding the best opportunities for G&G's growing portfolio, maintaining corporate relations, and providing front line communication for the G&G brand. Hiren focuses on nurturing development projects and finding ways to increases returns for investors. When you meet Hiren for the first time, you will learn why many people call him “Mr.Lets Get It Done.” He lives and breathes solving the challenges of his family’s business and for family, friends, and business colleagues. Hiren often shares his successes and failures in multiple business ventures spanning across hospitality, aviation, and private equity. Outside of work, Hiren likes to explore new cultures and traveling the world. He is passionate about helping small business owners and young entrepreneurs scale their vision  


TEL: 1-866-631-9677 , ext 103


Adeeb Khaleel

CTO/Investor relations aka "the millenial"

The youngest and newest member of the G&G Hospitality group. Born and raised in Chicago, Adeeb brings a diverse upbringing and experience in technology, real estate, and healthcare management. He coordinates management decisions related to technology within the company and has a passion for investments and mental health awareness. When away from work, Adeeb loves being in the gym, working with startups, and serving the community. 


TEL: 1-866-631-9677 , EXT 104