For 30 years, two generations of our family has poured their heart and soul into the hospitality industry. We started from humble beginnings. Ganpatbhai and Gulabben immigrated to this country with their four children  in the late 1980's from Gujarat, India on a quest for a better future for their children.

Ganpatbhai came to the United States with no money but with a unwavering belief that America is truly the land of opportunity. It was under extreme circumstances that his father in-law Jiven Dada took a leap of faith based on his character and integrity. The rest is history, our parents cultivated a vision for a better future for our family and a work ethic to build a successful business.

As their offspring we brought new ideas, adventures and inspirations. Ganpatbhai alongside his son in-law  Naresh Patel (Nick) developed a strong partnership and bond through their shared desire to leave a mark on the hospitality industry. In 1995, they purchased their first hotels the Best Western Hillside and Executive Inn in Clinton, Arkansas. This operation would be the foundation for our company's growth.

 As a family we have held true to the values that our parents guided us to never compromise on –integrity, respect, fairness and trust.

 Today we are a proud company, we focus on a unified vision for excellence. The collective efforts of Nick, Manish, and Hiren defines the future of G&G Hospitality Group.

We choose the best partnerships,  best properties and top quality investors for our products, not just the most economical.

We do what’s right for the business and the planet, not put one before the other. We focus on the next generation, not the next quarter’s earnings report.

G&G was built by people who understood that what we do every day has lasting consequences. And so we continually ask ourselves: What do we do with the lessons from the past? And what will we do to make the world a better place in the future?

These are questions every family explores. And our answer is what the strongest families conclude: We’ll find our path together.

Like any family, the challenges we tackle make us stronger. The wins we enjoy bring us closer together. And in everything we do, we consider our children and the generations to come.