G&G's Primary Investment Objectives:

To become one of the leading hotel owner/operators in the upscale and lifestyle hotel segments in key United States markets. 

The group intends to use its established portfolio and network to grow the number of hotels and brands in its portfolio, increase profitability through revenue growth and cost management and utilize  our brand partnerships as the driver to market the group’s business and further grow revenues.


Our headquarters are located in downtown Little Rock, Arkansas. Currently, G&G Hospitality Group develops hotels under the flags of  industry leaders, Marriott International, Hilton Hotels, Intercontinental Hotel Group, Choice International, Best Western Worldwide, and Wyndham. 

Our expertise and experience is in the Limited Service and Extended Stay segments that target the business traveler and the weekend leisure guest. We have been successful in managing over five hotels and maintain a conservative growth plan for the future.

Historically, ownership in G&G Hospitality Group has been limited to family exclusively. Over the years, that has expanded to include relatives, friends, physicians, professionals and other successful hoteliers in joint ventures. Today through a unique opportunity, G&G Hospitality Group is offering the chance for new investors to be added to their list of partners.


Our investors are key to the future growth of G&G Hotel Group. We therefore focus on measuring our performance, sharing our successes, developing the business and maximizing returns. We have a clear, published strategy and aim to increase profitability annually.

G&G prides itself on its entrepreneurial and strategic approach to hotel asset management and investment advisory. 

Our business focus is hospitality, and has been since the late 1980's. We share a track record of excellence with numerous awards in hotel operations and management.  When you invest with G&G Hospitality, you are partnering with a company that stretches over three generations of performance excellence.

Why Invest With G&G Hospitality Group?

  • We develop and manage all our hotels, focusing on long-term appreciation instead of short-term gains
  • We have a track record of attractive returns on investments, including potential tax benefits
  • The leaders of G&G Hospitality Group are all substantial investors themselves
  • We treat investors' money as if it were our own
  • We align ourselves with investors who have similar values and philosophy
  • We strive to "package" investments in a pool over multiple hotels to reduce risk
  • We constantly evaluate performance, measuring ourselves against the highest standards in the industry
  • We run our company transparently and report quarterly to our investors to ensure confidence and maintain trust

If you have any questions or need additional information please contact our investment team below: