Investment Services

At G and G Hospitality Group, we understand a broad spectrum of segments and markets in the hospitality industry, which allows us to tailor our professional services to meet your needs.

Whether you would like to acquire an asset or improve one you currently own, or you require a receiver with decades of experience, G and G hospitality group Arkansas has the talent and creative solutions needed to help you succeed.

Hotel Acquisition Services

For investors who have decided to add a hotel to their portfolio, the skillful team at G&G Hospitality Group can offer valuable expertise while analyzing the complex business and real estate components of a hotel acquisition.          


From pre-purchase due diligence and initial determination of acquisition criteria through negotiating a deal and closing the transaction, our specialists assist you through all phases of the process to help you make the best possible deal.

Hotel Development Services

At G&G Hospitality Group, our expert team has many years of experience providing consultative services to investors to guide them in the development process. We are adept at managing all of the contractors required to complete a project, as well as navigating government regulations and codes. We will negotiate necessary contracts and work with designers, architects, construction companies, attorneys and government offices to complete the project.

Hotel Receivership Services


The team at G&G hospitality group has in-depth knowledge of the legal aspects of the receivership process, and can anticipate a variety of situations and react quickly in order to obtain a favorable outcome for all parties involved. For lenders seeking a receiver to help distance themselves from potential liabilities, as well as owners who would like to reassign hotel management duties to a firm with proven abilities, G&G hospitality group has the skill to navigate the complexities of receivership.


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