The team of professionals at G&G Hospitality Group specialize in the management of hotel assets in the Southern United States.

With our experience, a progressive approach to hotel management, and a proven track record of success, we're uniquely equipped to help you achieve strong financial results with our hotel accounting services.

 Professional Consulting Group


We consult in the following areas:

  •  Operations

  • Financial analysis/Projections/Budgeting

  • Development and Acquisitions

  • Sales/Marketing

  • Human Resources/Payroll

  • Customer Service/Staff Training

  • Franchise/Owner Relations

Hotel Managment Services

Our Operations Management services include:

  • Accounting/Finance management

  • HR Management/Payroll processing/Benefits administration

  • Staff training/Customer Service management

  • Personnel recruitment

  • Interactive Sales/Marketing program to maximize revenue

  • Cost Control Systems

  • Asset Management

  • Standardized national purchasing program

  • Daily monitoring of sales and cash receipts

  • Daily evaluation of occupancy data

  • Owners associations and franchise compliance liaison

  • Guest satisfaction index management

  • Measure overall hotel performance in their marketplace

  • Property Improvement Plan management


Development & Acquisition Services

If you are considering the acquisition of a single hotel property or a large portfolio, G&G uses its financial knowledge, partnerships and past experience to complete the transaction.

We offer:

  • All Aspects of Construction Management  

  • Architecture/Design/Construction

  • Market Analysis

  • Site Selection

  • Brand Selection

  • Zoning

  • Government /Planning Liaison

  • Design

  • Proforma Consultation

  • Assist in securing financing

  • Volume purchasing power

Accounting & HR Services


We consult and provide experienced advice in the following areas:

  • Cash management

  • Centralized accounting services

  • Operating Financial Statements

  • Accounts payable management

  • Year-end tax preparation

  • Budgeting and profit planning

  • Capital improvement budgeting and more.

  • Insurance purchasing and management

  • Human Resources Management

  • Payroll processing

  • Benefits Administration